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What services does your company provide?

We offer a wide range of services, including interior and exterior painting, power washing, acoustic removal, wallpaper removal, cabinet refinish, decor mouldings, drywall work, texture match, stucco repair, siding repair and wood repairs. Visit our website for a full list of services offered: www.PaintGuys.net

How do I request a quote for my project?

You can request a quote by contacting us through our website, phone, or email. We offer virtual and in-person consultations. We'll schedule a convenient time to assess your project's requirements and provide you with a detailed estimate.

Are your painters and technicians experienced and licensed?

Yes, our team consists of experienced and licensed professionals who are skilled in their respective trades. They are trained to meet industry standards and deliver high-quality results.

What type of paint do you use, and can I choose the colors?

We use premium-quality paints from reputable brands. You can choose the colors you prefer, and our experts can also provide color consultation to help you make the right choice.

Do you provide any warranties for your work?

Yes, we offer warranties. The specifics of the warranty will depend on the scope and type of your project, please ask for details during the estimate process.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Project timelines vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. We will provide you with a detailed project schedule during the estimation process, so you know what to expect.

Do I need to prepare my space before starting my project?

We recommend removing any fragile or valuable items from the work area. For painting projects, we can take care of moving furniture and protecting surfaces. We will discuss specific preparation requirements with you in advance.

Can you provide references or examples of past projects?

Yes, we can provide references and you can view our online gallery. This will give you an idea of the quality of our work and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Visit our website: www.PaintGuys.net/gallery

Can you handle emergency repairs or last-minute projects?

We strive to accommodate urgent requests whenever possible. Please contact us as soon as you have an emergency or last-minute project, and we'll do our best to assist you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, checks, and electronic bank transfers. Payment details will be discussed and agreed upon in the contract.

Do you offer virtual consultations for project assessments and estimates?

Yes, we offer virtual consultations for your convenience. Through video calls or online meetings, we can assess your project, discuss your requirements, and provide estimates without the need for an in-person visit.

How do I schedule a virtual consultation with your team?

Scheduling a virtual consultation is easy. You can contact us through our website or by phone to request a virtual meeting. We will arrange a suitable time for the consultation and provide you with the necessary meeting details.

What tools or platforms do I need for a virtual consultation?

We use common video conferencing platforms for virtual consultations. You'll need a stable internet connection, a computer or smartphone with a camera and microphone, and the chosen conferencing software installed.

How can I schedule a color consultation for my project?

To schedule a color consultation, simply let us know your interest during the initial contact. We will arrange a meeting with our color consultant, who can guide you through the color selection process.

Is there an additional cost for a color consultation?

We offer a complimentary color consultation as part of our services for most projects. However, for more extensive or specialized color consultations, there may be an additional fee. We will discuss this with you before scheduling the consultation.

Can I see samples or swatches during the color consultation?

Yes, our color consultant will bring samples and swatches to your consultation, or they can be provided digitally during a virtual consultation. This allows you to see and compare colors to make an informed decision.

What if I'm not satisfied with the initial color choices?

We understand that selecting the right colors is crucial. If you're not satisfied with the initial choices, our color consultant will work with you to adjust and refine the options until you are completely satisfied with the color palette.

Can I use my own paint colors, or do I have to choose from your selection?

You can certainly use your preferred paint colors if you have specific choices in mind. Our color consultant can help you match and source the colors you desire, ensuring they meet the necessary quality and application standards.

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