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Commercial Exterior Painting

Commercial buildings are buildings where commercial activities take place. Commercial buildings include office buildings, retail space, warehouses and more. This differs somewhat from commercial property, which also includes multi-family buildings like apartment buildings.

When it comes to Commercial Painting, preparation is the most important aspect of the process. If the prep work is done correctly, the paint job will last many years. We offer a 3 year warranty for all of our exterior paint projects.

​Types of commercial buildings
Office buildings are a common type of commercial building that can be found in cities and even towns of any size, depending on the needs of the community.


              Our Steps

1. Pressure washing
2. Trenching
3. Stucco repair
4. Scraping and sanding wood
5. Wood replacement
6. Caulking cracks
7. Window putty repair
8. Masking windows
9. Cover asphalt, concrete, brick, etc.

    with plastic, paper, &/or drop clothes
10. Cover plants with drop cloths
11. Priming as needed
12. Tape off any color patterns
13. Apply paint to different sections
14. Clean up
15. Final walk-through

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