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Acoustic Removal

Acoustic Ceilings, also known as Popcorn Ceilings or Cottage Cheese Ceilings were very popular in the 60's through the 80's because of its ability to conceal imperfections as well as absorb sound from the floors above. In the later years, homeowners began removing it and replacing it with wall textures. Which give homes a more modern look.


The more popular ones are Orange Peel, Knock Down, and Smooth Finish. This process can be messy but we take our time to cover everything from floors, to walls and furniture. We have over 20 years of experience in removing acoustic so we know the right process to do the job right the first time.


Important Note: Many of these ceilings contain a carcinogen called Asbestos. In 1978, the Clean Air Act was passed in the United States, which prohibited the use of this material. This is the reason why we test Acoustic ceilings on houses built before 1981.


                    Our Steps

1. Move furniture as needed.
2. Cover furniture and floor.
3. Scrape Acoustic.
4. Repair drywall cracks and other damage.
5. Sand and apply skim coat as needed.

6. Apply desired texture.
7. Apply primer.
8. Sand lightly and apply 2 coats of paint.
9. Clean up.
10. Place furniture back.
11. Final walk-through.

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