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Faux Fireplace Painting

When it comes to Faux Fireplace Painting, it is all about neatness and detail. We understand your home is very important to you, so we take our time to keep our work area clean and to complete your project correctly the first time.

   We know quality is better than quantity!


                Our Steps

1. Move furniture
2. Cover furniture and floor
3. Thoroughly clean brick 
4. Repair holes and caulk cracks
5. Apply primer and let dry.
6. Apply paint with correct faux technique

    according to customers desired look.

7. Clean up plastic etc.
8. Final customer inspection/approval

Our Other Faux Finishes Include:

  • Sponging                

  • Venetian Plaster                   

  • Rag Rolling            

  • Faux Granite                         

  • Faux Wood Grain

  • Crackling                 

  • Antiquing                             

  • And Others.. 

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